AMBIANCE INTERIOR PRIMER is water thinnable primer. It is suitable for Interior plastered walls, asbestos, cement concrete etc. as a primer coat. The product is made from fine inorganic fillers, Additives, Polymers, etc. This product can be used as a primer prior to any water based paint application.

Coverage1 COAT – 110- 120 SQ FT/Lt.
Drying time4-5 Hrs
Flash pointNA
Stability of thinned paint24 hrs
AppearanceWhite, Liquid, Smooth
Specific Gravity1.4
Viscosity@25°C2416 CP
Pot life24 hrs
Contrast Ratio94


  • If the plastered wall is new, check the curing and absorption. The absorption of Plaster
  • is high then Cure the plaster with water.
  • Remove dust particles and loose plaster with sand paper.
  • If the plaster has already coated with lime wash, paint, etc. must be scrapped.
  • The scrapped Wall must be washed with water and it should free from loose dust, old
  • paint and plaster particles.
  • Fungus affected areas must be scraped or treat with special chemical
  • Before application of paints.



  • For best results fill the porous & cavities with putty in the plaster.
  • If required full putty coat can also be done on the entire plaster.
  • Ambiance Primer is a paste and water to be added to the paste under Stirring to obtain brushing consistency. As per recommendation, the dilution ratio is 1 ltr. Of primer with Above 350 ml. of water
  • Apply a coat of primer and leave it for 6 hours drying before painting.