AMBIANCE EFFO CLEANER is a water salt acid based product, which is suitable to clean an efflorescence on Natural Stones, Granites, textures etc.
Note : The product cleans only the efflorescence and neither it will stop nor minimize.

Product Code:AEC Ambiance Effo Cleaner.
Appearance:Clear and Slightly Pale yellow Solution.
Pack Size:1kg


  • Wear hand gloves and goggles for protection before application starts.
  • Ensure that at the time of application the surface should be free from lime, dust, loosely bonded particles, foreign particles, grease, oil etc.
  • Wash the efflorescence deposited area with water.
  • Transfer the supplied material into dry, neat and clean plastic tub or small pail. without dilution apply the material with neat, clean and dry whitish-brown colored paint brush on the efflorescence deposited area. After complete cleaning wash the area with plenty of water otherwise it will leaves the yellow patches.

Note: Clean the used tools with water. Do not take internally