AMBIANCE AC 501 is adhesive to fix the Ceramic Tiles which is suitable for external walls and floors. The product comes in a dry powder single pack system. It is made of Natural Mineral, Inorganic fillers, High Quality Polymers, cement etc. It keeps its Strengths for years together.

Product Code : ACE 501.
Colour : Grey.
Pack Size : 20 kg & 50 Kg.


  • Ready to use. Mix with water
  • Easy to apply.
  • Good Compressive Strength.
  • Good Shear Strength.



Add 6 - 7 liter of plain water into the clean tub. And then under mixing (Mix either by hand after wearing gloves to hands to avoid irritation or with a slow speed mixer to make the dough smooth, consistency and free from lumps) slowly add the supplied adhesive powder. Allow dough to react for 10 minutes. Add water based on consistency if necessary. Select the notched trowel based on the tile size for the dough application.


All surfaces should be leveled, clean, structurally sound, normal absorption (cured surface with water) And free from all dirt, oil, grease, paint, concrete sealers etc.

SUITABLE EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL AREAS FOR APPLICATIONS Cement Plaster / Cement Mortar Bed / Concrete surface.


Paste should be uniform and free from Lumps. Product should be mixed in required quantities to be used within 3 hrs. of it's preparation. Avoid contact with eyes or prolong contact with skin which causes irritation if required consult with doctor. Keep away from Children. Do not take internally. Wash the tools with water.

Note the coverage depends on the type of surface & applicator skills.
Best Before : Six Months from the date of Manufacture.
Storage : Keep the product at moisture free & dry place.