Ambiance Aqua seal Coat


AMBIANCE AQUA SEAL COAT Ambiance Aqua Seal Coat is a water based penetrating sealer and forms an invisible water proofing film after 24 hours drying. It is suitable on Natural Stone, Granites, Cement Plasters, bricks, joint fillers surfaces etc. Suitable for Interior and Exterior Applications

Product Details

Product Code : AASC Ambiance Aqua Seal Coat.
Appearance: Clear and Slightly Pale yellow Solution.
Pack Size: 1 kg.


  • It is ready to use material.
  • Easy to apply as like as paint.


  • Suitable on Natural Stone
  • Granites
  • Cement Plasters
  • Bricks, joint fillers surfaces etc. Both for Interior and Exterior Applications.


  • Transfer the supplied material into dry, neat and clean plastic tub or small pail. Without dilution, apply the material with neat , clean and dry whitish-brown colored Paint Brush as like as paint application.
  • Ensure that at the time of application the surface should be free from damp, water, lime, dust, loosely bonded particles, foreign particles, grease, oil etc.
  • Note that the material coated surface should not contact with water for 24 hours because to develop all the properties of the product. Otherwise it may leads to appear white patches on the surface.

Note: Clean the used tools with water. Do not take internally